Article by Mushup

18 November 2021

Coffee with mushrooms?

It may come as a surprise to you, but mushroom coffee is becoming more and more recognized for its various benefits and is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. MushUp is proud to be part of this fungus-revolution!

Coffee is a very porous food and is usually taken daily, plus it’s delicious and has flavors that blend agreeably with mushrooms, both being earthy. For these reasons, it's a perfect carrier for medicinal mushroom extracts.

Our blends of cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, turkey tail and chaga extracts decrease the natural acidity of coffee, considerably reducing the palpitations caused by caffeine consumption, while enhancing its flavors and helping to create an all-around healthier brew that boosts your immune system, cognitive functions and physical capabilities.

To truly appreciate MushUp coffees, one must understand the different elements that make them up: coffee beans selected and roasted by master roasters; and medicinal mushrooms responsibly grown and harvested in Quebec. Our values, our expertise and the experience of our collaborators allow MushUp to offer the best possible coffees on the market.


nos grains de cafe


MushUp works with local micro-roasters who are recognized experts in their field. All of our coffee beans are certified organic and fair trade, ensuring that MushUp's values are applied to all its products.

Our coffees and roasters have also been chosen for their unique roasting techniques and the quality of their beans, being "hand-picked" and "slow-roasted". Each coffee bean is perfect, ensuring consistency and a superior, high quality coffee.



Our mushrooms are 100% locally produced, harvested and processed. Our triple extraction processing method maximizes their natural properties. We work with a local mycologist who's an expert in his field, thereby ensuring our mushrooms are not only organic, but fairly produced with a minimal carbon footprint.

Our coffees are made with 100% real mushroom extracts that contain no fillers or grains and are produced from the body as well as the mycelium of the mushroom—in other words, using the whole fungus! We want to get the best out of our mushrooms, so we use all of their parts to get the highest quality and most efficiently produced mushroom extracts.



Guided by the belief that health comes first through preventive nutrition, we fell in love with the idea of mushroom-infused coffee. We discovered that many mushrooms were renowned for their beneficial properties, and that if taken regularly they could have a really noticeable positive impact on health, both mental and physical. 

Being a daily ritual, coffee therefore is the ideal carrier for functional mushrooms. By developing this unique infusion technique, our team ensures that the necessary daily dosage of mushrooms is consistent and favorably assimilated by our system. We recommend consuming one to three cups of MushUp coffee per day for the boost and balance we need.  

Whether you prefer brown, medium or full-bodied coffees, we have it all. Each of our coffees has a different flavor profile, enhanced by the unique properties of the mushrooms infused in each MushUp coffee bean.

Choosing the right coffee for your daily use and palate is the first step to an improved routine. If the choice is too difficult, the trio pack offers a discount for the curious and undecided!

Mush Love x