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The recommended consumption of medicinal mushrooms per day is between 0.5g and 5g. There is no such thing as over-consumption of mushrooms, but we always recommend a small daily amount (about 1g) rather than an occasional large amount. 

Why do we recommend this dosage? It allows a better assimilation of the benefits by our system. And prevents habituation.  

Our mushroom extracts are highly concentrated. We have developed a unique technique of transformation and incorporation of the extracts so that they can have a remarkable effect on our health from the first weeks of use. 

Each kilo of coffee contains 40g of active ingredients from mushrooms.

Estimated at 75 cups per Kg of coffee, the extraction thus offers a concentration of active principles equivalent to 533 mg of medicinal mushrooms per cup. 

Here are the estimated beta-glucan levels per mushroom:

Reishi 55%

Chaga 12%

Turkey Tail 51%

Lion's Mane 14%

Cordycep 31%

We love to talk about our wonderful mushrooms so don't hesitate to contact us so we can share our passion with you!

To tell you the truth, mushrooms improve the taste of coffee in a surprising way!

This deserves some explanation:

We love our morning coffee, especially when the Fungi gets involved! Coffee being our first love, we wanted to value the beans and their growers.

The challenge was to blend these two worlds while respecting each other. 

We started by working on our extracts to complement and enhance our roasted coffee blends. 

We obtained amazing results. The 100% natural mushroom extracts have notes of nuts, chocolate and peanut butter. We have adjusted our roasting and blending profiles so that the combination of the two elements is balanced and tasty. 

As a result, the characteristic taste of mushrooms becomes undetectable on the palate when combined with their perfect half!

We are thrilled with the final results and couldn't be more proud of our innovative and deliciously healthy coffees.

We integrate Reishi in our three coffees, because whether you are looking for a better concentration or a boost of energy before a physical effort, MushUp's goal is to bring you the best tools towards an optimal physical and mental health.

Reishi is simply the queen of mushrooms, capable of supporting your body and its various systems, thus becoming your natural bodyguard and your greatest daily ally! Reishi is widely recognized for its calming properties - all thanks to the triterpene compound, of which Reishi is generously endowed. These mood-boosting compounds can relieve anxiety, alleviate depression and promote better sleep.

It is no coincidence that this beneficial mushroom has been consumed in China and by the most ancestral societies for thousands of years. We just want to share its miraculous virtues with you all!

All the mushrooms we use are recognized by the scientific body and have been consumed for hundreds, even thousands of years by a multitude of ancestral cultures. They are still commonly used in Chinese medicine and many health and medical experts advocate these superfoods.

Pharmacists hold a collection of all medicinal plants and mushrooms, thus ensuring no counter indications with pharmaceutical medicine. This already proves their power, but if you want more details, we invite you to visit the BLOG articles where you will have access to many expert resources, research results and scientific explanations, so you can form your own idea!

Between us...haven't we all already experienced or heard about the powers of certain mushrooms? Then imagine the power of the benefits that medicinal mushrooms can bring to our health! 

Many producers grind the coffee and mix it with powdered mushroom extracts. As a result, the quality and taste of the coffee is affected by the lack of freshness, variety in the brewing methods and the lack of precision in the amount of mushrooms found in each cup. 

All of these elements pushed us to develop a more elaborate technique to create a superior and consistent product. 

MushUp is now the only producer of mushroom coffee to develop and commercialize this technique of incorporating functional mushroom extracts directly into the coffee beans.

But how ? We can't divulge all our secrets, but we can share with you one key element:

The incorporation technique could not work without a triple extraction of our mushrooms, offering a concentrated extract, full of active properties for our health. 

These concentrates are blended to give the perfect combination of mushrooms for our four coffees. Once these steps are completed, the coffee beans join the party! 

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