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Reward your team with quality coffee

Your team deserves more than just coffee. MushUp offers specialty coffees that are designed to enhance concentration and creativity while ensuring constant energy throughout the day. No more palpitations caused by "one too many cups" in the afternoon. By combining the stimulating impact of caffeine with the regulating effect of the Reishi mushroom, we can now offer a comforting, energizing coffee without discomfort. 

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Mission and values

How does it work?

Fast and efficient

Fast and efficient

An efficient and quick ordering system.

Budget friendly

Budget friendly

Save money with our bulk prices.

No Waste

No Waste

We only deliver when you need it. No waste whatsoever.

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No transit involved

Automatic delivery at your office.

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Multiple benefits

Why choose MushUp?

Guided by the belief that health comes first through preventive nutrition, the MushUp team ensures that the necessary daily dosage of mushrooms is consistent and favourably assimilated by your system. We recommend the consumption of one to three MushUp coffees cups per day for the energy boost and balance you need.

Less acidic

The natural acidity of coffee is reduced

No palpitations

Significantly reduces palpitations

More flavour

Enhances the original flavour of the beans


A healthier drink overall

Immuno booster

Stimulates the immune system


Stimulates cognitive functions and/or physical abilities

Mission and values

Eco-responsibility, well-being and quality


Zero waste - local & 100% produced from the earth

From production to distribution, MushUp works hand in hand with our precious environment by minimizing its footprint, notably through local sourcing, sustainable and compostable packaging. MushUp's mushrooms are all grown, harvested and processed in Quebec in a responsible manner to help preserve the region's mushroom varieties for today and future generations.

Well Being

Inspires a healthy and balanced lifestyle

Our mandate is to integrate the many virtues of adaptogenic mushrooms into the eating habits of our consumers, without constraint, offering products and ingredients of superior quality. We democratize the consumption of these superfoods by making them accessible to everyone.


Hand-picked coffee beans and Quebec-grown mushrooms.

Each bean is selected for its high grade, hand-picked, certified organic and fair trade. We use 100% natural mushroom extracts, without any input or grain, grown and processed from the body and mycelium to reap all the benefits.

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What they had to say

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A superior quality coffee! The taste and quality are there.

And no more heartburn in the first week! A nice "different" energy comes over my wife and me in the morning...

Finally, the certainty of buying a fair trade, eco-responsible coffee, where everyone involved is at the top of their respective arts.


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Premier matin avec MushUp.

Content de tremper mes lèvres dans cette petite merveille! ça va me requinquer pour Le journée Le café est vraiment sympa, je ne m'attendais pas à autant d'arôme, félicitations!!!


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Coffee usually causes me palpitations and tremors. However, to my surprise, after a few days, I realize that I don't have these problems at all! Plus, the taste is simply delicious!

Also, I feel good and fit! I am full of constant, yet calming energy.

So for me: a whole coffee revolution! Thanks to MushUp and VITAL!


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I love your coffee so much. I can finally drink a cup without anxiety, it's magic, I missed the taste of coffee so much and now it's not only good, it's filling my brain with medicinal mushrooms.

Amanda Dandelion

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Thank you so much for putting such an epic product out there for people like myself to enjoy.


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Yes !!!

Le seul café que je consomme

C’est délicieux + ne me donne pas de l’anxiété hahah!

Merci de créer ce café aux champs !! 🍄

Laurie Coutu-Racette

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It's delicious! So happy to finally have a Montreal mushroom coffee company! You have a new addict! :)

JaJa (Jasmineduch)

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